SSE P6 ATAV Specifications, The Security Vehicle During President Joko Widodo’s Inauguration

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There was a striking vehicle during President Joko Widodo’s inauguration, namely the SSE P6 ATAV combat vehicle. This tactical vehicle is indeed attractive due to its wide, flat, and formidable profile. The SSE P6 ATAV is equipped with weaponry systems befitting its role as a tactical vehicle used for military operations by the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI). GridOto was fortunate to test drive it at the factory located in the Tangerang area, Banten, some time ago.

Powered by a 2,500-cc turbodiesel engine producing 147 hp with torque in the range of 350 Nm, its power-to-weight ratio is quite good with a total weight of 2.1 tons. The engine is positioned at the rear, while the fuel tank is located at the front. The output is transmitted via a 6-speed automatic gearbox to all wheels equipped with a transfer case (4WD). Notably, its agility shines through. When we accelerated on concrete surfaces, the P6 ATAV responded promptly to the gas pedal.

If the gas pedal is suddenly pressed, the acceleration response feels instant and can jolt passengers if they’re not cautious. Fortunately, the P6 ATAV is equipped with 4-point seatbelts on all four seats, enhancing safety. The wheel grip is strong, channelling all the power and torque even with the use of 35-inch ‘off-road’ tires. Gear shifts are smooth and tight, akin to modern diesel passenger cars. Conversely, when the gas pedal is gently pressed, the SSE P6 ATAV glides gracefully, almost like driving a smooth sedan.

Regarding dimensions, its wide size (2.1 meters) requires some adaptation when manoeuvring in narrow lanes. However, this isn’t an issue because the SSE P6 ATAV typically operates without traffic congestion. The seating position, steering weight, and transmission lever operation are similar to most contemporary passenger cars. So, despite its rugged appearance, driving the SSE P6 ATAV is as easy as driving an ordinary passenger car.