Commission I of the Indonesian Parliament Visits the National Defence Industry Manufacturer SSE

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Member of Commission I of the Indonesian Parliament, TB Hasanuddin, conducted a specific working visit to the national defence industry in the field of military vehicles in Tangerang City. The visit was specifically to PT Sentra Surya Ekajaya (SSE).

This specific working visit, organized by Commission I of the Indonesian Parliament, aimed to gain insights into the independent development of defence products and to observe several military vehicle products produced directly for use within the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI). These products range from light tanks to combat vehicles used for patrols,” stated TB Hasanuddin in Tangerang City, Banten, on Friday (June 7, 2024)

As is known, PT SSE is one of the Private Business Entities (BUMS) in the Defence Industry of our nation. They specialize in designing and producing military vehicles, including Combat Vehicles, Tactical Vehicles, and Special Vehicles. Some of their types include the P2 Tiger, P2 APC, as well as P2 KM and P6 ATAV with various variants. These vehicles are already in use and serve as defence equipment for the Marine Corps and the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI).

“Earlier, we had extensive discussions and evaluated PT Sentra Surya Ekajaya, recognizing it as a source of pride for all of us. Specifically, SSE plays a crucial role in supporting the TNI’s defence equipment needs,” said TB.

However, the Specific Delegation Team of the Indonesian House of Representatives (Commission I of the Indonesian Parliament) also noted that SSE, as a Private Business Entities (BUMS) in the Defence Industry, should receive domestic allocation from the government to strengthen the national defence industry’s self-reliance continuously.

“Commission I of the Indonesian Parliament will continue to fully support the use of domestically produced defence equipment by the TNI,” emphasized TB.

For your information, the purpose of the defence industry that SSE is to support defence systems, particularly in the automotive field within the TNI, benefiting human resources and advancing the domestic industry.